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You are done watching from the sidelines. You are ready to get involved, become part of the solution and DO SOMETHING to help prepare and protect your community. You want to be vetted!


As a vetted member of UCA, you will have the opportunity to learn skills, share skills, or both, as part of our rapidly-growing effort to bring people together to serve and fortify their communities. We have experienced instructors teaching classes in self-defense, emergency communications, first aid, and preparedness. Members also have access to deeply discounted defensive firearms courses taught by knowledgeable instructors. You can participate in as few or as many of these areas as you choose. All we ask is that you come ready to be involved!

Do you have strong leadership skills? Our network of citizens is divided into divisions by region, with leaders needed in each area to help members stay in touch and organized.

We need volunteers in all aspects of running the organization as well.

A vetted UCA member is someone who:

1. Is solidly committed to the UCA mission statement

2. Is willing to submit to a light background check (social media check, photo ID submission)

3. Is willing to actively participate in training, learning, and/or volunteering.

4. Can commit to at least a few hours per week to donate to the UCA cause

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