There are a number of ways for you to get involved in the UCA cause.


UCA provides opportunities for education in the areas of self-defense, firearms, communications, first aid, political involvement, and personal and neighborhood preparedness.

The more knowledge we have as individual citizens, the more we can contribute to the overall safety of our communities and our state in times of threat or disaster.

Click the "join" button below to learn more about the opportunities within our organization.



Do you have skills and experience in any of the above areas? Can you help us fill clerical or administrative needs in areas like secretarial, accounting, or legal? UCA currently relies solely on the generous efforts of our volunteers in order to operate. Everyone is needed and all can contribute. Click “join” below to learn how to get started.


Follow, Share, Invite

We all have like-minded friends and family who want to preserve the safety of their communities, but aren’t sure what they can do to contribute. UCA is the way! We need your help spreading the word. You can follow us online and share our message with as many people as possible. We are on Parler @unitedcitizensalarm, YouTube, and MeWe.

We also encourage you to get the Telegram app (desktop or phone) and join our public Telegram group.

Another quick and easy way to spread the word is by texting or emailing. We have created a flyer that you can save directly to your phone and send along with a personal message telling friends about UCA and inviting them to learn more.


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