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In June of 2020, concerned Utah citizen Casey Robertson made a life-changing decision to invite friends to take a stand against violence that had been accompanying protests over issues of racial inequality and police brutality. The result of his simple call to action on social media was a flood of local patriots ready and willing to join and support his cause of supporting peaceful protest while denouncing and deterring violence. The group grew quickly – by the thousands in a matter of days – and immediately became known as Utah Citizens’ Alarm.

It was Casey’s love for his country and his home town that prompted him to stand against violence after a Provo protest turned ugly, ending in the shooting of a driver trying to make his way through the crowd blocking and swarming his vehicle. Now, the UCA founder aims to help people form alliances in their own small communities that will create neighborhoods that are safe, protected, and prepared for all situations.

The growth of the organization has prompted a broader vision to eventually help prepare cities across the nation, also bringing about a name change: United Citizens Alarm.


United Citizens Alarm invites all freedom-loving people to stand unified in defense of peace and liberty, building communities of prepared citizens across Utah to respond to any threat or natural disaster. We are motivated by our deep love for our country, respect for constitutional rights and law enforcement, and gratitude to our God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon our great nation.


Creating a network of citizens across the state of Utah to serve as a model of safety and preparedness for the nation.

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Casey Robertson

Founder and President

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